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Ultimately nothing is mine or yours, everything is ours. Just be one with yourself and you will be one with all, at home in the entire universe.
What you see is nothing but yourself. Call it what you like, it does not change the fact. Through the film of destiny, your own light depicts pictures on the screen. You are the viewer, the light, the picture and the screen. Even the film of destiny is self-selected and self-imposed.
Nothing exists by itself. All is the Self, all is myself. All is you and yours. There is nobody else. This is a fact.
Love is seeing the unity under the imaginary diversity. When all the false self-identifications are thrown away, what remains is all-embracing love. To see myself in everybody, and everybody in myself, most certainly is love.
When you realize that all is in your mind, and that you are beyond the mind, that you are truly alone, then all is you. Love says "I am everything." Wisdom says "I am nothing." Between these two, my life flows.
- Nisargadatta

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